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Zelton is one of Grimlord's high ranked robotic warriors and key lieutenants who is sometimes seen amongst the robotic members of Grimlord's army. In one of his notable battles with Ryan Steele, Zelton was given the ability to transform and utilize the powers of other robotic warriors from Grimlord's army since it was made from the power of them. Regarding his most infamous battle with Ryan, Zelton was able to and did transform into Cannonbot, Graybot, Metalbot, and Renegade. After a hard and enduring battle, Ryan defeated Zelton. Zelton was impressed by Ryan's skills and saluted him as his equal. Displeased with Zelton's honor, Decimator activated Zelton's self-destruct. Zelton was shortly restored afterwards. Zelton has not been seen since Grimlord self-destructed the Virtual Dungeon.

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