Episode: The Cursed Seabed People Smile! S.O.S. Dolphin's Sea
Season: Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion
Actor: Toshimichi Takahashi

Zamurai : a sea coral-shielded seal-faced samurai warrior who lived deep in the sea since his first death more than 900 years ago - in a flashback explaining that time, under his real name Tokigou Sumino, Zamurai planned to kill respected general Hitono Minamoto to enemy militarians in exchange for a huge reward, but he was defeated by Minamoto and fell into the sea, bringing forth his current story; back to present day, he and Mad Galant concocted a plan of creating missile dolphins to destroy every litoranean town in Japan in exchange for becoming "King of All Oceans". Zamurai fights with a spear and hidden swords, and was practically granted immortality thanks to his Megabeast (Umiblar)'s existence.

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