Episode: Listen to the Forest's Cry
Season: Juukou B-Fighter
Voice Actor: Shigeru Ishibashi

Zaiking (ザイキング Zaikingu?, 6, 30): A skull-headed warrior armed with an axe-bladed mace and shield, Zaiking joined Jera as she is the only person to defeat him in a duel. He is sent by Jera to ambush the B-Fighters while tracking down a special meteorite. Though he leaves the group due being a nature lover, Daisuke rejoins the B-Fighters when the Jamahl cause a massive forest fire to hold Blue Beet and Reddle at bay After using the B-Machines to put out the fire, the B-Fighters fight Zaiking in the Gaohm Zone before G-Stag disarms the mercenary and destroys him with Raging Slash. He is later revived for a competition, only to be destroyed by Hammer Kong.

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