Wolfbot is a white-and-brown-furred wolf-like mutant who later had a detachable black spider-like parasite on his back. Wolfbot was extremely ferocious and would use his claws and fangs to attack. Wolfbot also had the ability to shoot webbing to bind his victims.

Wolfbot appeared alongside Toxoid in "Secret Admirer" to find a powerful flower.

In the "Defending Dark Heart" saga, Wolfbot participated in the Dark Heart hunt where it used its webbing on him.

In "The Couch Potato Kid," Wolfbot was at the finish line at Grimlord's obstacle course.

In "The Transmutant," Wolfbot assisted Crabor, Venobot, Bugbot, and the Mutant Skugs in battling Ryan and JB (when JB recovered from his Transmutant brainwashing).

Wolfbot finally battled Ryan solo after getting upgraded with virtual powers extracted from Tyler Steele during the "Quest For Power" saga. Wolfbot was more than a match for Ryan, seeing as how none of his attacks could faze him. As Ryan said, Wolfbot wouldn't even let Ryan get close to finishing him off. No matter what Ryan did, Wolfbot continued attacking like nothing had happened. Later, Colonel Icebot equipped Wolfbot with a giant black spider on his back, which caused even more problems for Ryan, namely tag team attacks. When Wolfbot was attacked with the Lightning Hand Command, the spider instantly revived Wolfbot. When Ryan killed the spider on his back with the very same attack, Wolfbot fell down dead and melted into a pile of smoldering slime.

Wolfbot fits the category of Toxoid's army.

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