This article is about a/an transformation device in VR Troopers.


Vr trooper morph

Vr trooper morph

The Virtualizers are the main power source of the VR Troopers & is what they use to transform by saying "Trooper Transform! We are VR!" Each Virtualizer contains a bio-electronic conducting crystal that needs to be perfectly enabled to work. "Retroform" is the command used to change back from armor. In season one, Ryan used a Virtualizer that Professor Hart gave him. In season two, Ryan's Virtualizer was destroyed when saving his father so Tyler designed him a new more powerful Virtualizer containing a crystal given to them by Tao. It accessed all new armor weapons & vehicles for Ryan. In Small but Mighty, the now-kid Troopers can still use the Virtualizers but the powers can be maintained only for 15 minutes.

In the pilot they were called Transformation Pallets.