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The Virtual Dungeon.

A list of fictional antagonist monster characters who were featured in VR Troopers, specifically those commanded by Grimlord, who resided in the Virtual Dungeon. The footage of those characters was taken from the Japanese Tokusatsu Series, Choujinki Metalder and Jikuu Senshi Spielban, two of the three such series that VR Troopers was adapted from.

Among Grimlord's forces were a group of heavy duty robots known as Gunbots and Tankbots. Those robots were commanded by Grimlord and Blue Boar and were most distinguishable by their bulky appearance as well as their massive built-in firearms. They mainly served as backup or support during a battle whenever a single mutant challenged Ryan Steele. Those robots were often transported in black minivans. Among those in that category are listed below.

The Virtual Dungeon also had a self-destruction system (that was similar to a time bomb) that was used twice: The first was in Part 4 of "Defending Dark Heart", where Ryan and Tyler Steele (as Dark Heart) faced Grimlord, who set the Dungeon to vaporize; and the second was in Part 2 of "Quest for Power" when Ryan went to rescue Tyler, as Grimlord set the Dungeon to actually self-destruct with Ryan still inside (he survived). In both cases, the system utilized a 2-screen timer that showed the minutes on the left screen and the seconds on the right, and the timer was set to 3 minutes.

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