This article is about a/an evil lair in VR Troopers.

The Virtual Dark Fortress.

In VR Troopers, Grimlord and his minions created new mutants and cyborgs from the Virtual Dark Fortress. Footage for those monsters (except for Transformatron, who was American-made) came from either Uchuu Keiji Shaider or Jikuu Senshi Spielban (which depended on which category the mutant/cyborg fit), which were both Japanese tokusatsu shows that were used for the adaptation of VR Troopers.

The Virtual Dark Fortress was the secondary base of Grimlord, which was created with the activation of an energy prism that contained a download of Tyler Steele's knowledge of Virtual Reality. The Fortress took the form of an orbiting station and the exterior was borrowed from Uchuu Keiji Shaider of Japan, from which Japanese footage for Season 2 of VR Troopers was taken. The interior however, was distinctly American, right down to using actors for that footage that time instead of dubbing Japanese footage of the various mutants who inhabited its predecessor, the Virtual Dungeon. Grimlord had fierce new soldiers who awaited his command. When it came to the end of Season Two, JB and Kaitlin sneaked on board to rescue Dr. Poindexter's robot, Galileo, whose memory was drained by Oraclon and punched in a command to cause Oraclon to overload and the Fortress was damaged. Thus, the Virtual Dark Fortress seemed to be immobile and unusable. At the end of the final episode, Grimlord ordered for Oraclon to be reprogrammed and the Dark Fortress to be rebuilt as he vowed revenge on the VR Troopers, but that was Grimlord's last scene.

After Ziktor used the prism on his desk and turned into Grimlord, he teleported to the Dark Fortress where his servants said: "Hail Grimlord! Lord and Ruler of all Reality!"

General Ivar and Colonel Icebot were still affiliated with Grimlord and communicated with him through a holographic video screen much like they did in the Dungeon since they were not inhabitants of the Dark Fortress. Also, Air Stryker and Fighterbot were still available to carry out aerial attacks against the VR Troopers.