Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actor: Takeshi Kuwabara

Violent Spirit Darbarbo (ダーバーボ Dābābo?) is a humanoid rocket silo. He has missile launchers on his chest and shoulders. In Episode 8, he trains with the other members of the Empire. In Episode 9, he and Bulchek interfere in Hedogross' battle by firing on him and Metalder. In Episode 10, he destroys Rhapsody after the violinist fails to destroy Metalder. He appears in Episode 11 during the hunt for Bigwayne and again in Episode 19 as backup to Chuubo. In episode 20, he acted as controller of the artillery robot and is used by Metalder to destroy it shortly thereafter. He gets rebuilt and appears in Episode 23, during the Four Army Relay Race. In Episode 24 he helps even the odds during Metalder's clash with Galador. In episode 37, he is destroyed by the second volley fired by Metalder, after the Ghost Bank had collapsed.

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