Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actor: Atsuo Mori

Violent Spirit Bankora (バンコーラ Bankōra?) is a grey-skinned scorpion-like monster with white fangs on his chest and legs, and a third arm on his back. He can spew acidic saliva from his mouth, extend his arms, burrow, and can teleport. In Episode 5, he is chosen by Geldring to battle Top Gunder in the Ghost Bank. He loses, but survives by forfeiting. He is one of the monsters sent to capture Top Gunder. He later appeared to snag a hostage for Hedogross. He fights Metalder and Springer in the Ghost Bank, only to be viciously attacked and bitten by Springer. He competes in the Four Army relay race in Episode 23. During the battle in Episode 35, he fights alongside Geldring. He is eventually destroyed for good when Metalder binds him with his own arm and then sends him flying with his G-Kick, causing him to collapse and explode.

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