Vacbot is an appliance monster.

A suburban neighborhood was plagued with stories of a haunted house. The house seemed harmless at first glance. Little did anyone suspect, Colonel Icebot was using the house to secretly construct Vacbot in the real world. Vacbot was constructed with various household appliances with a blasting vacuum for a right arm and a fan in his chest that could blow enemies away. He also could blast freezing ice from a built-in icemaker at J.B. and Kaitlin. He battled Kaitlin and J.B. in Cross World City. After J.B. used his Vortex Command, General Ivar's ground troops attacked and Kaitlin called for the Battle Cruiser leaving J.B. to fight Vacbot alone. Vacbot froze J.B. with his icemaker and J.B. unfroze himself by using a Supercharge command (the same command used by Ryan to repower himself) Kaitlin soon rejoined the battle. Vacbot was almost destroyed by J.B. and Kaitlin's combined "VR Double Team" attack and, ultimately, J.B.'s "Laser Lance" command finished what was left of him. Vacbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.

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