Ultra Planetary Battle Tank Garbin is Juspion's silver tank, which splits into:

- Garbin Tank Drill : a compact version, with twin drills. Your treadmills can, virtually, adapt to any terrain.

- Garbin Jet. This machine can take off and land vertically.


In Daileon's robot\mecha mode, Juspion use your space-motorcycle Iron Wolf like the seat of Daileon's cabin. And your cabin\Iron Wolf is inside the Garbin Tank. In your turn, Garbin Tank form the ''brain''\head of Interplanetary Battle Giant Daileon. Explain: Juspion ride Iron Wolf bike -> Iron Wolf inside the Garbin Tank -> Garbin Tank inside the Daileon's Head in robot mode.This ''matroska doll system'' (a pilot inside a machine, inside another machine or robot bigger) is a homage\reference to anothers classic mecha animes like ''Mazinger Z'', ''Energer Z'' or ''Iron God Jeeg'', created by mangaka Go Nagai in the 70th's. In this classic mangas\animes, the heroes use aerial hovercraft or special motorcycle to make a fusion with giant robots, connecting the mecha's head with the cycle.

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