Transformatron in the form of Alexis.

Transformatron is a black-armored and mechanized shape-shifting robot who took the form of a girl named Alexis. Ryan seemed to show attraction towards her, but Kaitlin and JB became even more suspicious as time went on. While Ryan traveled to Virtual Reality to take on Oraclon himself, Alexis intercepted JB and Kaitlin. When Percy accidentally spilled water on Alexis, the trap (as well as her/his true form), was revealed as she/he turned into Transformatron and started tearing apart the Underground Voice Daily. Soon, he ended up being destroyed rather quickly by Kaitlin and JB's VR Double Team attack.


  • This robot has no Spielban counterpart. He was nothing more than a modified version of the US Dark Heart suit that was used in the final part of the four-part episode "Defending Dark Heart".
  • This was the only time Katlin destroyed an enemy; though she did it with JB's help.

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