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Tokusou Exceedraft
Number 11
Number of episodes: 49
First episode: Kindergarten Bus of Death
Last episode: Good-bye, Rescue Police
Intro: Tokusou Exceedraft (theme)
Original airing: February 3, 1992
Producer: Toei
Production Order
Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain
Tokusou Robo Janperson

Tokusou Exceedraft (特捜エクシードラフト Tokusō Ekushīdorafuto?, Special Rescue Exceedraft) is the last part of the Rescue Heroes Trilogy in Toei Company's Metal Hero Series of superhero TV series. It was aired in Japan from February 3, 1992 to January 25, 1993. The series was initially conceived as taking place in a new continuity, leading to weaker ties to Solbrain and Winspector.




Tokusou Exceedraft (DraftRedder).


Tokusou Exceedraft (Syncredder).

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Draft Redder Hayato Kano
Draft Blues Kosaku Muraoka
Draft Keace Ken Okuma




  • EDRT-001 Revolback G-3 (リボルバックG-3 Riborubakku Jī Surī?): Exceedraft Team's weapon. It can be used in 3 different modes, how is mounted. These are Hyper Blast Mode, Thunder Grenade Mode e Freeze Laser Mode, even its catdrige is just a normal weapon's catdrige.
  • EDRT-002 Try Shaft (トライシャフト Torai Shafuto?): A special baton used by the Exceedraft team
  • Access Lock S: Exceedraft's Transformation Device. Multi-purpose compact radio used by Exceedraft members. it can be used for voice communication, encrypted communication using the buttons, with functions such as remote control of the SIM spacecraft information. connecting it into the Access Lock Catcher near the seat of the Scramhead or of the Varias 7 will move the seat to the armor hangar of the vehicle to equip the Try Jacket armors.
  • EDRT-004 Hydrander (ハイドランダー Haidorandā?): A portable water cannon installed on the hangar of the Scramhead
  • EDRT-005 Turbo Unit W (ターボユニットW Tābo Yunitto Daburyū?): An Accelerator mounted on the armor's ankle. The turbine can spin in high speed and run in the Mach 1 approximated speed and the jumping power is boosted to 100 meters.
  • EDRT-006 Guardler (ガードラー Gādorā?): An Equipment shield-like to make Turbo Unit W's performance more efficient.
  • EDRT-007 E.M-Blade (エンブレード Enburēdo?): A scalpel-shaped laser sword, used by Redder. It can be stored in the Guardler. Is frequently used in close combat,Shrinking the portion of its blade, can also be loaded with the Heavy Cyclone.
  • EDRT-008 Buildriver (ビルドライバー Birudoraibā?): A Rescue Tool that appears in the middle of the series. It changes the equipment power replacing a unit with one of its modes: Drill mode or Disk Mode (used when a person is blocked in the elevator for example). On the other hand, the power is boosted 10 times when is combined with the Revolback G-3 and it's used as Revol Driving Mode.
  • EDRT-009 Special Rescue Badge (特捜手帳 Tokusō Techō?): The Badge used by the Exceedraft Team. It contains a data chip to provide quick data required for investigation and rescue activities. Its system is similar to Solbrain's Solindicater or Winspector's SP License, but differently from the previous shows, the badges appeared after the Episode 25.
  • EDRT-00X Heavy Cyclone (ヘビーサイクロン Hebī Saikuron?): A multi-purpose firearm developed specifically for SyncRedder. The cartridges used are "Magnum", "Gel"(with same functions of Pile Tornado's Caulking Puncher) and "Vulcan", loading it with the E.M-Blade, it can perform the Nova Tornado hissatsu.


  • SRED-01 Scramhead (スクラムヘッド Sukuramuheddo?): Redder, Blues and Keace's SUV, a modified, armor-clad Chevrolet K5 Blazer. It is extremely fast, and runs well even on bad roads. The armor's wallet is stored inside of it, being mounted externally. When Redder uses it, he gets into the vehicle and the seat moves to the armored top on the back of Scramhead, where the armor is mounted. The armored wings are attached outside the car.
  • SRED-02 Varias 7 (バリアス7 Bariasu Sebun?): SyncRedder's car, a modified Chevrolet Corvette C4. It is equipped with seven functions (Access Radar, Hyper Searchlight, Hydlide Cannon, Break Laser, Multi-Anchor, Hover Speeder, and Grenade Shooter). Patrol and emergency modes are used, depending on the situation.
  • Intelligence Acquiring Satellite SIM (情報探査衛星シム Jōhō Tansa Eisei Shimu?)


  1. Kindergarten Bus of Death (死の幼稚園バス Shi no yōchien basu?)
  2. Rupture City SOS! (爆裂都市SOS! Bakuretsu toshi Esu ō Esu!?)
  3. Shadow of Red Spade (赤いスペードの影 Akai supēdo no kage?)
  4. Organism Weapon Girl (生体兵器少女 Seitai heiki shōjo?)
  5. Space of One Person (一人ぽっちの宇宙 Hitori bocchi no uchū?)
  6. Track/Truck Mother (トラック母ちゃん Torakku kāchan?)
  7. Hayato Designation Arrangement! (隼人 指名手配! Hayato Shimeitehai!?)
  8. Spade Last Maneuvers (スペード最終作戦 Supēdo saishū sakusen?)
  9. Dangerous Family (危険な家族ごっこ Kiken na kazoku gokko?)
  10. Hayato's Longest Day (隼人の一番長い日 Hayato no ichiban nagai hi?)
  11. Super-High-Speed Robot of Flame (炎の超高速ロボ Honō no chō kōsoku robo?)
  12. The Robot Front of Mach (マッハのロボ戦線 Mahha no robo sensen?)
  13. Underworld Fist of Withdrawal! (禁断の地獄拳! Kindan no jigoku ken?)
  14. The Return of the Distant Father (遥かなる父の家路 Harukanaru chichi no ieji?)
  15. Front Abbreviation Gold and Silver Son (前略金銀息子さま Zenryaku kin gin musuko sama?)
  16. Love of Absolute Decease (絶体絶命の愛 Zettai zetsumei no ai?)
  17. Rescue Cinderella (シンデレラを救え Shinderera o sukue?)
  18. My Father, the Lying Policeman (パパは嘘つき警官 Papa wa usotsuki keikan?)
  19. The Intruder Who Tears Light (光を破る侵入者 Hikari o yaburu shinnyūsha?)
  20. The Boundless Friendship (時空を越えた友情 Jikū o koeta Yūjo?)
  21. I Am Saiko (part one) (わたしはサイコI Watashi wa Saiko wan?)
  22. I Am Saiko (part two) (わたしはサイコII Watashi wa Saiko tsū?)
  23. Seductive Danger (死をよぶ愛の説得 Shi o yobu ai no settoku?)
  24. Straying of the Lazy Scar (傷だらけの迷走 Kizu darake no meisō?)
  25. Take off, Super Machine! (発進! 超マシン Hasshin! Chō mashin?)
  26. Sprint To Tomorrow! (明日への激走! Ashita eno gekisō?)
  27. Ken's Love Story (拳のラブストーリー Ken no rabu stōrī?)
  28. Again, Warrior of Light! (光の戦士・再び! Hikari no senshi. Futatabi!?)
  29. Good-bye, Warrior of Light (さらば・光の戦士 Saraba. Hikari no senshi?)
  30. Escort Maneuvers (狙われた護送作戦 Nerawareta gosō sakusen?)
  31. Time Travel Rescue (過去への特救便 Kako eno tokkyū bin?)
  32. Kosaku's Stubborn Father (耕作のガンコ親父 Kōsaku no ganko oyaji?)
  33. Completion! Battle Dress - Apocalypse of Flame (part one) (完成! 戦闘強化服(バトルジャケット) 炎の黙示録編I Kansei! Batoru jaketto Honō no mokushirokuhen wan?)
  34. The Contract Which Sells Life - Apocalypse of Flame (part two) (生命を売る契約書 炎の黙示録編II Inochi o uru keiyakusho Honō no mokushirokuhen tsū?)
  35. The Invisible Giant (見えない巨人 Mienai kyojin?)
  36. The Captain Betrayed!? (隊長が裏切った!? Taichō ga uragitta!??)
  37. Blast Running Road of Vengeance (復讐の爆走ロード Fukushū no bakusō rōdo?)
  38. One Even Number Before the Dud and the Exit (不発弾、出前一丁 Fuhatsudan, Demae icchō?)
  39. Fly! White Sphere of Oath (飛べ! 誓いの白球 Tobe! Chikai no hakkyū?)
  40. Death Bomb Punishment Games (死の爆弾罰ゲーム Shi no bakudan batsu gēmu?)
  41. Confrontation - Two Ken (対決! ふたりの拳 Taiketsu! Futari no ken?)
  42. Special Police Commanded to Impose House Arrest (特捜、謹慎を命ず Tokusō, Kinshin o meizu?)
  43. God, Demon and Revelations (神と悪魔と黙示録 Kami to akuma to mokushiroku?)
  44. Christmas Eve of the Final Fight (最終戦争(ハルマゲドン)の聖夜 Harumagedon no seiya?)
  45. Death's Snipe Order! (死神の狙撃指令! Shinigami no sogeki shirei?)
  46. The Beauty Who Raises the Beast (魔獣を飼う美少女 Majū o kau bishōjo?)
  47. Masaki Returns! (正木リターンズ!! Masaki ritānzu?)
  48. Decisive Battle! Last Judgment (決戦! 最後の審判 Kessen! Saigo no shinpan?)
  49. Good-bye, Rescue Police (さらば特捜警察(レスキューポリス) Saraba resukyū porisu?)




Opening theme
Ending theme
  • "Goal wa Mirai" (ゴールは未来 Gōru wa Mirai?, "The Goal is the Future")
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano
    • Artist: Takayuki Miyauchi

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