The 5 Space Ninjas (宇宙忍者?): Gilmarza's top soldiers created through her black magic, theywear suits of black armor differing only in the color of their forehead plates (which name them after the element he/she represents, in a conception taken directly from Taoism).


They all have two "default attacks" (a plasmic projectile with the same color of their forehead plates and a kind of "plasma sword", both channeled via their hands) and one peculiar fighting "special technique" (except for Sui). They only revealed their true forms after having their heads split open by Juspion's sword.

  • Ka ( Fire, Red Plate; 39-43?): apparently the group's leader. His "special technique" consists on him jumping above a jet of fire and then rushing into the enemy, strongly hitting him with an explosion; his true form is of a cannon which springs out from his neck, fueled by Fuu's meteor/comet.
  • Fuu (フウ Wind, Yellow/Golden Plate?, 39-43) his "special technique" is similar to Ka's but using wind instead of fire; his true form is of a massive meteor/comet which fuels Ka's cannon.
  • Dou (ドウ Earth, White/Silver Plate; 39?): his "special technique" has him burrowing deep into the earth to provoke massive earthquakes or ambush careless enemies; his true form is of a giant skeletal serpent-like demon that can project plasma discharges and create an illusion of itself with double size, thus increasing attack power.
  • Sui (スイ Water, Blue Plate; 39-40?): unlike the other 4 ninjas, he has no "special technique" of his own, thus being limited to default attacks; his true form is of a kind of spiked satellite which shoots powerful electric discharges and sticks physically into any surface to drain energy through body contact.
  • Moku (モク? Wood, Green Plate; 39-42): his "special technique" allows him to fire green gravity beams from his fingertips; his true form is of a space fighter wearing white clothing with a horrible demonic mask and fighting with a long halberd, in similarity with a kabuki artist.

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