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The Eliminator

This member of General Ivar's Machine Men army resembles the older, boxy computers and was one of the few unanimously recommended by both General Ivar and Colonel Icebot (whom seem to have somewhat of a friendly rivalry), but it is suggested that they combined their knowledge to program it with JB's battle information. It specializes in information, and attacked the Central Library. Unlike other members of Grimlord's army, The Eliminator demonstrates no language abilities. It can, however predict all of JB's moves before they are used, using downloaded battle information, preventing JB from successfully attacking the robot. Every anticipated maneuver is displayed on a monitor on The Eliminator's chest. It lacks battle information on Kaitlin, however, so when she and JB team up for VR Double Team it is stunned long enough for JB to destroy it with his "Laser Lance Command".

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