This article is about a/an episode in Uchuu Keiji Sharivan.
The Device Island of the Sea's Rumbling
Uchuu Keiji Sharivan, Episode 15
Kenji 58
Air date June 10, 1983
Written by Shozo Uehara
Directed by Makoto Tsuji
Episode Guide
The Grandmother Who's Scared of Recurring Nightmares
The Dangerous Hit Song Sung by the Pretty Girl

The Device Island of the Sea's Rumbling (海鳴りの仕掛島 Uminari no Shikake Shima?) is the fifteenth episode of Uchuu Keiji Sharivan.


Captain Gavan's adopted sister, Tsukiko Hoshino is kidnapped by Madou. Will Sharivan and Captain Gavan save her?


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DVD Releases

Sarivan 2

Uchuu Keiji Sharivan Volume 2 features episodes 11-20.

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