This article is about a/an episode in Tokkei Winspector.
The Chosen Man
Tokkei Winspector, Episode 38
Air date October 21, 1990
Written by Nobuwo Oogizawa
Directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
Episode Guide
Attack of the Amazoness
The Mysterious Thief

The Chosen Man (選ばれた男 Erabareta Otoko?) is the thirty-eighth episode of Tokkei Winspector


Hisako witnesses a murder on the streets one night, which turns out to be an undercover investigator with the Metropolitan Police Department. The evidence leads to a shadowy conspiracy, and a shocking plot for genocide of Japanese citizens. Winspector steps up to investigate. When one of Hisako's old school friends appears on the list of those marked for death, she steps in directly. With Japan's future at stake, failure is not an option for the team.


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