Episode: Vavilos S.O.S.
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Eisuke Yoda

Terotero (テロテロ TeroTero?): A green fish Fushigi Beast with secondary bug-eyes on its neck along with a drill-arm attachment, able to use a giant mallet and morning star. Terotero was created in a Fuuma scheme to take down the Vavilos when Annie unknowingly brought it into the ship as an Fushigi Beast Egg within a plush. Once hatched, Terotero evaded Annie as she unknowingly matures it with her laser. the primary Blue Plasma System, Annie manages to activate the secondary system in time as Shaider fall into Hessler's trap. Managing to drag Terotero out of the Vavilos, Shaider disarms the Fushigi Beast before destroying it with the Shaider Blue Flash. Its powers include laser absorbing, summoning a drill on the right arm, a body strong enough to survive several thousand foot drops, a claw hammer that can turn into a wrecking ball-like mace and high jumping.

Note: Terotero was not sent to the Fushigi Dimension.

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