This article is about a/an monster in VR Troopers.

A copper-colored bat-resembling robot. Along with General Ivar, Terminoid captured a pair of foreign scientists in order to steal a special formula that threatened Ziktor's control over the city's energy sources. Before getting the formula, Kaitlin rescued the scientists as JB took him on. Terminoid attacked a lot by biting. JB then found himself outnumbered when faced with both Terminoid and General Ivar. He then whipped out his Laser Lance command and swiped at both of them. He then stabbed Terminoid in the stomach with the Laser Lance, and then took another swipe at Ivar and knocked him down. JB then performed the finishing swipe on Terminoid to destroy him before continuing his attack on Ivar. Terminoid fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.

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