Slice and Dice

The Swordbot Brothers are recurring villains who are robotic swordsmen. Slice wields a sword while Dice uses a naginata. After Ryan defeats them the first time, they give a clue that his father Tyler Steele still survives. The brothers return throughout the first season. In "Searching for Tyler Steele," Ryan faces Slice after Air Stryker and Fighterbot destroy Tyler Steele's mountain lab. In "Who's King of the Mountain?", Slice later when he assists Rollbot, only to be defeated when Ryan tosses him on a landmine. In "The Couch Potato Kid," Dice participates in Grimlord's obstacle course. In "Virtually Powerless", Dice later went one on one with Ryan to prevent him from saving Dr. Poindexter while he repaired the Virtualizers, but Ryan defeats him with the Internal Gyro Command. After the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Slice and Dice survive as mere heads. They attack Ryan but are soon destroyed, managing to inflict some pain on the weakened Ryan as well. The brothers fit the category of Decimator's army.

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