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Spikebot Normal

In addition to the Dream Master, the robot Spikebot was created to cause more trouble for Ryan. JB intercepted Spikebot, who started out in an alternate form with the word "Edison" written on his body; the reason or purpose of this form was never explained. Spikebot did mention that he would transform into a "more uncomfortable form" into order to battle JB, and thus turned into the second and more powerful version of himself. JB did not seem to care either way, and was quick to say that the robot's new spikier form "was still ugly." Spikebot then commented that flattery would get him nowhere. The battle was brief, as JB made short work of him with the "Laser Lance" command; first stabbing him through the stomach, giving him heartburn (that scene is missing), then finishing him off, and Spikebot fell and exploded rather quickly, too, probably due to the excessive laser lance slashing. Spikebot would make an appearance in "Game Over" episode where he appeared as one of the robots in JB's virtual training game. Spikebot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army.


  • The name "Edison" is revealed in Spielban, the show from which JB's battle footage is based.

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