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Sky Base

The Sky Base is a massive aerial fortress, mainly piloted by Ryan Steele, but sometimes by all three Troopers, whenever Virtual Fighters or other components of Grimlord's forces try to break the reality barrier. It could fire missiles and lasers to take down enemies. It could transform into JB's VR Techno Bazooka whenever heavy firepower was needed as well. It also functioned as a mobile hangar bay; it stored JB's VR Fighter Bike, and the VR Battlecruiser combat machine. Vessels stored aboard would exit from the topside, from beneath the blue "square" area, which would lift open.

VR Troopertron


VR Troopertron

The Sky Base can become the VR Troopertron, a formidable fighting robot used for extra strength. The transformation was initiated by the phrase, "VR Troopertron Command, now!" The front of the Skybase would rotate around to become the legs, with the nosecone/cockpit folding up along the back (essentially being a long flat panel). The arms would be unlocked from the sides after the front landing pods rotated to the sides, and would rotate forwards. It could shoot eye beams and both launch its' own, and catch fired-upon, missiles. It also tended to destroy tanks by stomping down upon them, and destroy fighters with its' fists. With this new transformation, when General Ivar's troops attacked, it could disable General Ivar's vehicle (and thus all others in his fleet), with one swift kick. Whoever was piloting the Skybase would control the Troopertron from the ground.

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