This article is about a/an ally in Juukou B-Fighter.
Gender: Male
Ally Type: {{{type}}}
Season: Juukou B-Fighter
Homeworld: Unknown
First Appearance: The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet
Last Appearance: The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Shogo Shiotani

Sinbad (シンバッド Shinbaddo?, 30) is a contestant in Jamahl's "Ghost Zone" battle, for which they kidnapped the B-Fighters and sent them to another dimension where they forced them to participate in combat. Daisaku soon learned that Sinbad was infiltrating Jamahl in an attempt to assassinate Gaohm for destroying his homeworld. Gaohm learned of this, however, and sent a resurrected Death Mult's second form to kill Sinbad and the B-Fighters. Realizing that the only way for the B-Fighters to return home was by the explosion caused by Death Mult's demise, Sinbad kamikazed Death Mult and killed them both. Before the B-Fighters became free and left the dimension, Sinbad asked them to defeat Gaohm and the Jamahl.

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