An over-sized silkworm monster with a goofy looking face on its belly. From the top of its head, Silkoid shot strong silky webbing to either restrain a victim or trap them in cocoons. He was first seen in an image as 4 out of 8 monsters that Grimlord shows to Tyler Steele before he upgrades to the Virtual Dark Fortress. He officially appeared when Oraclon created Silkoid by powering up a giant egg that it would then hatch from. Skugs brainwashed a fashion designer and used her to lure JB and Kaitlin into a trap where Silkoid imprisoned them inside cocoons. Ryan was on a race against time because anyone trapped in a cocoon would become monsters themselves in 24 hours. Destroyed by Ryan and his Laser Ray/Laser Saber combo, thus freeing JB and Kaitlin from the cocoons. Silkoid fits the category of Oraclon's monsters.

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