Episode: The Pure-hearted Ghost of Summer
Season: Juukou B-Fighter
Voice Actor: Eisuke Yoda

Shinigamian (シニガミアン Shinigamian?, 28) is a Grim Reaper-like being with smaller skulls on its back that wears a hooded cape.

Shinigamian wields a scythe and has the power to summon and control the spirits of the dead. The spirits can resist his control if they have things to accomplish on Earth. One of the ghosts raised, a young girl named Yuri, wants to fall in love before she died and thus resisted crossing over. She falls in love with Takuya and helps him fight Shinigamian by helping the other ghosts realize they are just being used. Once Shinigamian was dead, the ghosts are free to return to the afterlife. Yuri follows this time, having fallen in love with Takuya and thus finishing her business.

Shinigamian's face later appeared on Destruction God Jagul.

See Also

  • Mums - He briefly assumed this form.
  • Evil Eye - Its recolored and altered counterpart.