Episode: The Fushigi Song
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Toku Nishio

Shigishigi (シギシギ Shigishigi?): A green, thorny leech Fushigi Beast with a spear. Growing Fushigi Song Flowers on its body, Shigishigu to spread them across the city to brainwash whoever sniffs them enter a state of bliss before becoming dangerously violent as part of a plan to have the human race destroy itself. As Dai and Annie were vaccinated on Planet Bird, they were unaffected and attempt to destroy as many Fushigi flowers as an antidote is created. When Shigishigi causes a potential World War III, Shaider baits the Fuuma into a trap to fight the Fushigi Beast. Chasing Shigishigi into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash after stabbing it with its own weapon. Its powers include spawning Fushigi Song Flowers that make people violent, teleportation, a human disguise, high jumping, a spear, size changing, mouth sparks and mist, summoning an entrapping flower and dividing into three spearmen.

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