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Secret Power
VR Troopers, Episode 55
Air date September 13, 1995
Episode Guide
Trooper Out of Time
Quest For Power

Secret Power is the third episode of season 2 of VR Troopers.


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A neighborhood talent show is planned at Tao Dojo. Amidst the festivities is Timmy, a sad young boy who feels that he just doesn't have any sort of talent. The V.R. Troopers are determined to show him differently, but he won't believe them. Meanwhile Icebot places an electro-magnet at the North Pole, and another magnet near Cross World City's power plant; together, these create a Power Pulse which warps the Reality Barrier...allowing Ivar's robot armies to march through and destroy the real world. Lest the Troopers discover said plot, Grimlord sends several warrior-robots - including the Magician - to destroy our heroes, who fight off the Magician's warriors and destroy the electromagnets just in time to save reality. Back at the talent show, Ryan and Company try to show Timmy that everybody has secret powers inside, with lots of hidden talents...but Percy doesn't exactly prove their point when he tries his hand at singing!


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