This article is about a/an hero in Blue SWAT.
Sara Misugi
Name Sarah Misugi
Gender: Female
Season(s): Blue SWAT
Color(s): Purple
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Beginning
Last Appearance: Flap Your Wings!! Heroes
Number of Episode
51 (Blue SWAT)
2 (Movie)
2 (Juukou B-Fighter)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yuka Shiratori
Purple SWAT

Sarah Misugi (美杉 沙羅/サラ Misugi Sarah?): No-nonsense female member and officer number 077, Sarah was a member of the L.A.P.D. before having lost her partner in an incident which she still is deeply bothered by. She demonstrates levelheadedness and often helps to keep Show in check, and is highly skilled in combat.


Kakuranger Stage Show at Double Hero Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the KakurangersIcon-crosswiki are seen fighting the YokaiIcon-crosswiki, the Three Gods GeneralsIcon-crosswiki, and The Blue SWAT Trio arrive to assist them.


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Toei Hero Daishugō

Tumblr n6nzslVgGD1s5uxaeo2 1280

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