Logo saban entertainment

The final Saban Entertainment logo.

Logo saban entertainment 1988-1996

The former Saban Entertainment logo.

Saban Entertainment was an independent television production company formed in 1984 by music and television producers Haim Saban and Shuki Levy as Saban Productions, a U.S. subsidiary of Saban International Paris (now SIP Animation). The company also established Saban International (now part of Disney-ABC International Television) for international distribution of its shows. Finally, in the early 1990s, the company renamed itself Saban Entertainment. In 1995, Haim Saban and News Corporation started Fox Kids Worldwide, Saban Entertainment merged with Fox Children's Productions and became a subsidiary of Fox Kids Worldwide. Also in 1995, the company established Saban Interactive. In 2001 Saban Entertainment was sold to Disney as part of the sale of Fox Family Worldwide, after the sale Saban Entertainment was renamed BVS Entertainment.

In the 1990s, Saban adapted some of the Metal Hero Series shows for American audiences in the United States. Stock footage from Metalder, Spielvan and Shaider was used in VR Troopers (1994–1996). Later, footage from both B-Fighter Series was used in Big Bad Beetleborgs. Both shows ran for two seasons and ended when all the stock footage from those series were used up.

Saban Entertainment also adapted another popular tokusatsu franchise, Super Sentai, creating the Power Rangers franchise. Saban produced the first eight series before it was sold to Disney. However, after Disney cancelled Power Rangers in 2009, Saban regained the franchise and revived it with the eighteenth series, Power Rangers Samurai.

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