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This article is about a/an metal villain in Tokusou Robo Janperson.
Ryuzaburou Tatewaki
Bill Goldy
Name Ryuzaburou Tatewaki
Gender: Male
Season(s): Tokusou Robo Janperson
Color(s): Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Wanted - Robotic Hero (As Ryuzaburou)
The Birth Of A New Janperson Model? (As Bill Goldy)
Last Appearance: Flap Your Wings!! Heroes
Number of Episode
21 (Janperson)
1 (Movie)
2 (Juukou B-Fighter)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Shun Sugata
Bill Goldy
Ryuzaburou Tatewaki/Bill Goldy (帯刀龍三郎/ビルゴルディ Tatewaki Ryuzaburō/Birugorudi) was an evil cyborg duplicate of Janperson, originally a human, he is a lunatic and the president of a company known as Tatewaki Konzern. He is usually seen licking a lollipop while watching Janperson fighting his assassins. He later became a cyborg, via an operation, from the blue prints of how Janperson was made. He usually executes silly plans at first, but later on became serious with his schemes. He tried to frame Janperson, by impersonating his identity through his alter ego, as Bill Goldy, and used his name, in vain, but ingeniously failed. In the end, Janperson and Gun Gibson killed him once and for all, as the only means to save the world, as he was already far too dangerous. He was stabbed by Janperson, in the heart, with the Jan Blade. His final words before his destruction were, "I'll be back."

Bill Goldly with his henchmen return in Toei Hero Daishugō and he is defeated by Janperson with his weapons (Jan Stick, Wire Punch, Jan Blader, & Knee Kick Missile).

Bill Goldy was later revived in the Juukou B-Fighter finale by Jagul, who used him as a pawn before absorbing him into her body. Enraged for this act, Bill Goldy personally dragged her to Hell with him.



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Toei Hero Daishugō

Tumblr n6o02yCfZY1s5uxaeo6 1280

Bill Goldly with his henchmen retruns in Toei Hero Daishugō and he is defeated by Janperson with his weapons (Jan Stick, Wire Punch, Jan Blader, & Knee Kick Missile).


Bill Goldy Bf52

Bill Goldy revived alongside with Queen

Bill Goldy along with Queen were revived by Sorceress Jagul.


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