This article is about a/an episode in Tokkei Winspector.
Ryouma is Dead!?
Tokkei Winspector, Episode 13
Air date April 29, 1990
Written by Susumu Takaku
Directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
Episode Guide
My Robot Friend
The Death-God Moss's Counterattack!!

Ryouma is Dead!? (竜馬が死んだ!? Ryōma ga Shinda!??) is the thirteenth episode of Tokkei Winspector


When a foreign man known by the nickname Reaper Moss plots to steal the Japanese seed bank project in an effort to control the future food stores of mankind, he uses his vast resources and technological prowess to do so. Ryoma squares off against a supercar with abilities that surpass even the WinSquad!

WinSquad is destroyed, and Ryoma hovers on the brink of death. What will become of Special Rescue Police Winspector? Is this really the end?!


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