Ryou Hayakawa: A drifter who takes in Mayumi after she loses her memory, mistaking her for his dead sister, Midori. He initially refers to her by that name but later refers to her by her own name Mayumi after reading a missing person's notice, although Mayumi does not tell him her true origins (since her memory is faulty). In the scuffle, Mayumi goes away, unable to remember what just happened. He died in Episode 46, when Jiban removed the Bomb Ring from Mayumi's finger with a very precise shot, without hurting her. Ryou took the ring and ran, to throw it out, but was killed in the resulting explosion. He is played by Ryouhei Kobayashi who would later play Fumiya Hoshikawa (FiveBlack) in the 1990 sentai series Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

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