Name Renegade
Gender: Male
Season(s): VR Troopers 1
Color(s): Red
Homeworld: Virtual World
First Appearance: Defending Dark Heart
Last Appearance: n/a
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Scott Page-Pagter
Renegade was a master assassin and marksman dressed in red spandex with white armor and fancied himself as one of the best. When it came to hunting down the rogue robot Dark Heart, Grimlord sent Renegade. When his head was damaged by Ryan, Renegade gained an upgraded head with a winged snake ornament on his forehead. Renegade also lost on his first encounter with Dark Heart; but after their second encounter, he successfully defeated and damaged Dark Heart. Renegade made further appearances in the show. Now with an upgraded and specially made handgun, to fight Ryan, Renegade proved very formidable and would have won against Ryan, at one time, if the Ghost Biker hadn't saved Ryan. Renegade fits the category of Zelton's army since Zelton briefly took the form of him.

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