Red Python
Red Python
Name Amy
Gender: Female
Season(s): VR Troopers
Color(s): Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Rise of the Red Python, Part 1
Last Appearance: The Rise of the Red Python, Part 2
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Wendee Lee
Amy VR Troopers

Red Python is a VR Trooper created by Colonel Icebot when he was finally successful in creating an evil VR Trooper with Tyler Steele's knowledge. However, the Red Python required a human spirit to harness her full powers. Meanwhile, the Troopers made a new friend named Amy. Amy was exactly the person Grimlord wanted to become the Red Python. Skugs captured Amy and she was brainwashed and given her new powers. The Red Python proved very formidable and almost killed Kaitlin. J.B. vowed to get revenge. However, Col. Icebot wasn't as successful as he hoped. The Red Python's powers were slowly becoming unstable and any further battles would lead to her self-destruction. Amy's physical well-being and mental health were also in jeopardy. During her last battle with JB, her powers gave up completely. The Troopers were able to save Amy before she was destroyed.


  • Amy has many similarities with Tommy OliverIcon-crosswiki, the green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.
    • Both were new kids who were befriended by the heroes.
    • Both were kidnapped and brainwashed by the main villain of the show.
    • Both started out as evil versions of the heroes.
    • Both lost their evil powers.
  • Unlike Tommy, She didn't join the team.

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