This article is about a/an monster in VR Troopers.


During the "Defending Dark Heart" saga, Percy attempted to get back on Woody's good side by trying to relocate the virtual deathtrap that he, Kaitlin, and JB were imprisoned in. Unlike most mutants, the Rabidspore demonstrated no language abilities. With a so-called Reality Break Detector, he successfully reopened the portal, but accidentally unleashed this floating organism. Apparently, Rabidspore was standing guard to the dimension. In the first part of "Quest for Power", this same spore-themed mutant accompanied Wolfbot into attacking Ryan and JB as a team. Icebot had injected it with the knowledge that Grimlord syphoned from Tyler, making it more powerful. Rabidspore could metamorph itself into a flat starfish-like mass and wrap itself around its opponents, as it did to JB. Soon after it reverted back into its original form, J.B. destroyed it with his Laser Lance command. Rather than surrendering when impaled, it simply appeared confused, but the slashing finished it off, but according to JB, the slashing almost didn't work, as the Laser Lance was powering down as JB was finishing his slashing. Rabidspore fits the category of Colonel Icebot's monsters.

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