Queen Cosmos

Queen Cosmos
(28-46) is a lunar life form resembling a human woman (but actually a floating rock like starfish with a long tail) intent on conquering Earth to establish an all-woman empire. She appeared in episode 28 but did not reveal her name till episode 34. In her own words, she is made of space garbage and came from a place that was cold and ugly lacking anything beautiful. Thus her obsession with having everything beautiful and being called beautiful herself. She is more powerful than the other Biorons (except Doctor Giba himself), she allies with them to destroy Jiban. Her Jewelry turns into Parasite creatures: Earring into a Skull patterned Ladybug that would infuse into Jiban distorting his Circuitry and her Brooch would turn into a spider creature blasting Jiban with Tiny powerful balls of light. Her bracelet was able to transform into a Snake creature wrapping around ones neck to control their mind. In Episode 46, she was defeated by Jiban.

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