Polarbot is a shark-headed robot who is armed with cannons on his shoulders, wrist, arms, and chest. A disguised Skug puts JB and Kaitlin under a spell that turns them against Ryan. The source of the spell is linked to Polarbot. When Ryan confronts Polarbot in battle, The Blade, Chrome Dome, and Minotaurbot join him briefly, before Ryan gives them a good pounding, forcing them to retreat. Walrus meat is used as a distraction to appeal to his sharklike nature while Ryan uses the Internal Gyro Command to destroy Polarbot, freeing his friends from the brainwashing. In the "Defending Dark Heart" saga, Polarbot is seen (presumably rebuilt) in the hunt for Dark Heart where he is shot by Dark Heart in battle and is destroyed. Polarbot fits the category of Zelton's army.

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