Pile Tornado (パイルトルネード Pairu Torunēdo?): SolBraver's gun, given to him by Knight Fire, with three functions:
Pile Tornado
  • Super Discharger (スーパーディスチャージャー Super Disuchājā?): shoots a fire-extinguishing beam.
  • Caulking Puncher (コーキングパンチャー Kōkingu Panchā?): shoots a special gelatinous, gluey, freezing bullet.
  • Tornado Burst (トルネードバースト Torunēdo bāsuto?): a hail of 40 plasma-energy bullets per second, fired by Cerberus Delta. Its power is three times that of GigaStreamer's Maximum Mode (when SolBraver and Knight Fire fire it at the same time, its power is four times GigaStreamer's).


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