Episode: House of Twillight
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Eiji Maruyama

Paspas (パスパス Pasupasu?): A college professor Fushigi Beast with a quill-like broadsword, a large hardback book embedded in its chest. Able to manipulate dolls with its music, Paspas targeted children to teach them the Fuumese language and spread it like wildfire. Dai learns of the scheme when he encountered a group children who have no recollection of being out. When Dai starts getting too close, Paspas aid Hessler and Girls Army in attacking him until he escapes in the Vailos. Once the parents finally believe Dai after seeing Paspas's work themselves, he and Annie disguise themselves as stuffed animals to wait out the Fushigi Beast. After gaining access to Paspas’s dimension, Shaider made his move. As Annie gets the children to safety, Shaider battles Paspas in the Fushigi Dimension before destroying it with Shaider Blue Flash. Its powers include telekinesis through music, holograms, a large quill sword armed with a machine gun, size changing, teleportation and invisibility.

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