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Mutant Mutiny
VR Troopers, Episode 53
Air date September 11, 1995
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The Rise of the Red Python
Trooper Out of Time

Mutant Mutiny is the first episode of season 2 of VR Troopers.


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As the Troopers entertain offers of commercial endorsements from a competing dojo for money to help Tao pay for his flight to China to go to his mother's planned family reunion, the evil mutant Amphibidor prepares for a revolution to replace Grimlord as dictator of Virtual Reality. Grimlord devises a strategy to solve both problems at once: he'll send Amphibidor after the V.R. Troopers; if they don't destroy each other, they will be weakened and vulnerable to a finishing-off by Grimlord's loyal thugs. As Amphibidor battles Ryan, Kaitlin and J.B. face Grimlord's army in an all-out air battle. Against all odds, the V.R. Troopers reunite and save the real world...which also ends Amphibidor's coup. Back at the Tao Dojo, Tao works out a deal with his competitor for the money to get to the reunion, cutting the Troopers out of the deal.


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