Episode: Suddenly! Lazy People
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Yutaka Ooyama

Mujimuji (ムジムジ Mujimuji?): An over-sized silkworm Fushigi Beast with a goofy looking face on his belly and a staff who is used in a scheme to make hard working people lazy. With the Girl's Army spreading rumors about the monster as an enlightened being, they gathered hard working people to become lazy gluttons before entering a chrysalis state to eventually become worm-like creatures. However, the incident gets Dai's Attention when Girl 1 kidnaps Yohko for a forced conversion after being brushed off. When Annie is captured during her infiltration, Shaider saves her from becoming a chrysalis before fighting Mujimuji as Annie takes his potential victims to safety. Taking the fight to the Fushigi Dimension, Mujimuji overpowers Shaider with his silk attacks until he is destroyed by the Shaider Blue Flash with his victims restore to normal. Its powers include mouth webs that can cocoon humans in seconds, a staff with a torch at the end, invisibility, and a sword.

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