This article is about a/an episode in Tokkei Winspector.
Mother and Child's SOS!
Tokkei Winspector, Episode 35
Air date September 30, 1990
Written by Jun'ichi Miyashita
Directed by Takeshi Ogasawara
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A Reversed Trip
Bikel's Father

Mother and Child's SOS! (母と子のSOS! Haha to Ko no Esu Ō Esu!?) is the thirty-fifth episode of Tokkei Winspector


A boy who loves the sea and dreams of becoming a seafaring man is the only witness to a terrible crime. But his mother pressures him to not report it. What reason can she possibly have for obstructing justice? And will Winspector be able to protect the boy when the criminal comes around to eliminate the only witness?


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