Assisting Renegade on his missions was a bumbling (and one can assume lower ranked) blue robot with a white skull-like face, drill weapon, and laser rifle. He wasn't much use in battle on his own, but he served as a great decoy for Renegade's attacks and ambushes. He is sometimes known as "Minotaurbot", but that appears to be a fan-created name, since there was no official name. He appeared briefly in "The Disappearance" when he attacked Ryan, but his first major appearance is when he appeared with Renegade to help Renegade and Chrome Dome assist Metalbot into capturing a baseball prodigy. He also accompanied Renegade (who was armed with a Virtual Vaporizer) during his attack on Ryan, who was fighting alone after JB and Kaitlin mysteriously disappeared into the dimension of the Ghost Biker. Later, he accompanied Renegade and Crabor during their battle against the Reality Virus-infected Ryan. He also participated in Grimlord's obstacle course. Due to his aiding of Renegade, and his appearance, he seems to fit into Zelton's army.

In his second appearance, he was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, who also voiced Alpha 5Icon-crosswiki on Power Rangers.

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