This article is about a/an ally in Uchuu Keiji Gavan.

Mimi with Gavan.

Mimi (ミミー Mimī?, 1-31, 42-44) (Wakiko Kano) is the only daughter of Commander Qom, cousin of Shelly and Gavan's assistant. She uses a pendant which is also a visual illusion device. With her "Laser Vision," she can transform into a budgerigar to spy on the Makuu. She is in love with Gavan but would support him in any case. She leaves the Dolgrian to help her mother on Bird Planet, to return in later battles to continue helping Gavan.



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Img 1208927 36881794 10

Mimi with Retsu as seen in Sharivan.

Besides helping Gavan, she's also a force to Sharivan


Mimi Annie,& Dai

Mimi in Space Sheriff Shaider with Annie, and Dai Sawamura.

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