Mika (美香 Mika?) (美香 Mika, 35-?) - A mysterious girl that appears often in front of Hayato. Her true form is Michael, an angel sent by God. She has received the mission to proitect a part of human race (only children) from Daimon's devil hands in order to make that human beings could survive as species. Although ruthless ad cold for individual human beings, Originally, she didn't care about sacrificing nonhumans to protect human beings as well the children's feelings. For example, trying to obliterate the Team Exceedraft against the God's will as a person, she can't choose the means if for the purpose, as well as showing of her power in the Exceedraft's headquarters at that time she remarked looking down on humankind, that they don't' follow the God's will as a matter of course and are not aware of it. However, she changed her mind and regenerated Hayato after his battle against Daimon.

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