Metalbot a robotic boxer is one of Grimlord's deadliest robot warriors along with Cobrot. After he's recommended by General Ivar, he ambushes Ryan and JB when they attempt to save Kaitlin. According to General Ivar, his punch is unequal to any opponent's. Metalbot can discharge electricity through tentacles that sprout from his forehead. Metalbot's first defeat is by Ryan's "Laser Fist" command. In "Three Strikes," Metalbot is rebuilt by Colonel Icebot to assist Renegade, Chrome Dome, and Minotaurbot into abducting a young baseball prodigy to bait a trap for Ryan, but Ryan defeats him with his his "Lightning Hand" command. In "The Transmutant," Metalbot is among the cyborgs chasing after Ryan before he fights Transmutant. In his most infamous battle with Ryan as seen in "Race to the Rescue," Zelton briefly transforms into Metalbot, therefore he fits the category of Zelton's army.

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