This article is about a/an monster in VR Troopers.

This oversized copper-colored robot was assigned to guard the special transference device that accidentally caused Ryan and Jeb to switch bodies. His bulky structure which Kaitlin described as a "walking jukebox" has a heavy claw arm along with very powerful armor which made the battle difficult for JBand Kaitlin. He kept tossing JB and Kaitlin back and forth and even their VR Double Team attack only tickled Mechanoid. Afterwards, they tried the "hands on" approach, which was met with even less success, as the jukebox monster tossed them over a cliff and seemed to have them cornered at one point, but somehow they found their way back into the battle arena where Dr. Unger's transformation device happened to be. In the middle of the battle, Ryan attempted to transform after hearing that they were being overpowered by Mechanoid, but Jeb was wearing Ryan's Virtualizer. So Jeb ended up transforming to battle Decimator. Meanwhile, JB summoned his "Laser Lance" command, even though it didn't seem to be effective at first. JB's impalement attack only tickled, and in scenes no longer broadcast, Mechanoid mockingly laughed off the initial slashing, knocking JB backwards, pushing him into the ground, and throwing him a great distance. The Skybase was then summoned to use its missiles, generally reserved for aircraft, on Mechanoid, which greatly weakened and stunned the robot, where broadcast scenes resume is when JB came back and quickly repowered the laser lance while slashing more rapidly than before, dodging attacks, and eventually finishing off the now weakened Mechanoid with Laser Lance slashing as he soon overheated and fell backwards and exploded. After Mechanoid was destroyed by JB and the Laser Lance apparently ran out of power afterwards, Grimlord angrily blew up the device causing Ryan and Jeb to switch back. Mechanoid fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army even though it was Colonel Icebot that constructed him.

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