This article is about a/an ally in Choujinki Metalder.

Mai Ogi (仰木 舞 Ōgi Mai?) is a tomboyish camerawoman who works for the Weekly Up magazine. She is Metalder's first human friend and constant companion.


In her first appearance, she was searching for photos but was attacked by Neros. Luckily, Metalder arrived and rescued her. She became unconscious and woke up to see him in his human form. She introduced herself as a photographer and gave him her buisness card.After a short conversation, he left to fight Neros. I Have Become God Neros Later, he called her phone number and met up with her in Tokyo. The two quickly became friends. After his leg was cut, she discovered he was actually a machine but still remained by his side. Hammer Man Ben K Cries to the Love for a Hare


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