Episode: Annie in danger
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Toku Nishio

Magmag (マグマグ Magumagu?): A magnet-themed Fushigi Beast created by Poe after reviewing Shaider's fighting style and arsenal, designing the monster to use its magnet-forearms to cause Shaider's Combat Suit to malfunction. The attack also effected Dai's self confidence as perfects his swordsmanship while Magmag kidnaps a bus full of children so the Fuuma can rig it to explode to call the Space Sheriff out. After finishing his training, Shaider arrives to Annie's aid and overcomes Magmag's magnetism, destroying the Fushigi Beast with Shaider Blue Flash. Powers include a pair of powerful wrist magnets, a trident, magnetic rays from the wrist magnets, and high jumping.

Note: This is the First Beast that is not Sent To the Fushigi Dimension.

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