This article is about a/an episode in Choujinki Metalder.
Little Sister is Alive! Sorrowful Lady Soldier Madonna
Choujinki Metalder, Episode 14
Air date June 22, 1987
Written by Akira Nakahara
Directed by Yoshiharu Tomita
Episode Guide
Critical Moment! Valley Umineko Restores the Love of Parent and Child
Soaring Monster・Son! Mother's Wish!

Little Sister is Alive! Sorrowful Lady Soldier Madonna (妹よ生きて! 哀しみの女戦士マドンナ Imōto wa Ikite! Kanashimi no Joshi Madonna?) is the fourteenth episode of Choujinki Metalder.


A girl captured to work as a slave for Neros becomes a warrior believing that defeating Metalder is the only way to save her sick little sister.


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DVD Releases

Metalder 2

Choujinki Metalder Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.

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